Top Fuel Jet Drag Boat Racing

Latest photos of “Spirit Of America” Top Fuel Jet Boat..

This is what happens if a popoff valve jams shut and the engine quits! The boat was going 145 mph at the moment this photo was taken. Thank god this was a Chi-Town Dragstar hull and not a TPS, Cheyenne, Eliminator or a Placecraft or there would have been a violent crash!


We finally added the capsule fairing!

We finally added the capsule fairing!

Photo of new World Record pass. 5.87 E.T.
Wheatland Mo June.2012 before making the No.1 qualifying pass.
Wheatland Mo June 2012.before setting the TFJ World M. P.H..Record in 1000 ft.
Doug Durnall in Spirit Of America after first pass 5.87 E.T. 5/20/2012 NJBA Spring Nationals
First full pass on the new boat. 5.87 1000 feet. Very mild tuneup with no Nitro! Quickest elapsed time to date for a capsuled Top Fuel Jet 5/20/2012 NJBA Lake Ming.
The new Crew   Left to Right    Tom Lavin, Doug Durnall, Mike Hongslo, John Cost, Spike Gorr, Moriah ( Gore), George Pataki

NJBA Spring Nationals 5/20/2012
After 5.87 E.T.Soft Pass 5/20/2012 NJBA

Testing at the 2011 Lucas Oil Drag Boat Race – Firebird Lake, World Finals, Nov. 2011, Chandler Az.

2 Responses to “Latest photos of “Spirit Of America” Top Fuel Jet Boat..”

  1. Very nice effort and I have enjoyed watching this team on Mav TV.

  2. I did not pay attention to the first pic at the top of the page. wow! that’s amazing that the boat only hopped a little when the pop off failed. I really think you guys have something here, finally a safe TFJ hull. I hope the progress continues . J. Hicks

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